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Imagine the John Ritter in Problem Child. Now imagine that instead of an adopted son, he had two 30-year old roommates. Now imagine one of them had a blog.
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When MP and I told the world we were going to offer the ladies of Craigslist Casual Encounters the chance to win a dream date with Richard, the naysayers called it a joke. They said we didn’t know anything about match making; that we wouldn’t be able to¬† afford an “escort,” and we’d just end up borrowing money to buy Richard a “hooker.”

Sure, that last part may have been our “plan A” at one point, but then we met the lovely AW, and she swept us all off our feet.

As a testament to the power of true love, I present to you the Christmas gifts Richard received from his Dream Date this morning (see photos below). Representing her Midwestern roots, AW sent a “someone in Chicago loves me” shirt, which I’d hoped was from her closet, but upon sniffing discovered it to be a new purchase (exhibit B). She also sent a Chicago style, deep dish pizza (not pictured), the scraps of which I photographed after my lunch (exhibit C).

Merry Christmas, one and all.